This Is How You Implement It

Claim What’s Yours!

When you made your donation to the Foothills Food Bank and became a Community Partner Member, you automatically received your first GIFT in the form of a 100% OFF “Coupon”.

This “Coupon” can be used to get any of the Deals or Promotions offered to you at your chosen membership level … 100% Free!

To View these Deal and Promotions follow the steps outlined in the previous section How It’s Done.

You can locate and use this “Coupon” many ways:

  1. Once you have chosen a Deal you want, Add it to Your Cart. Your Available coupons will be there waiting for you. (Simply click on coupon to use it.)
  2. When you became a Community Partner Member, you were automatically sent a copy of your “Coupon” to your Email Address.
  3. Lastly, you can also find your coupon in your “Foothills Food Bank – Dashboard”.
    1. Follow the instructions from the Introduction. to login to your “Foothills Food Bank – Dashboard”
    2. From your “Foothills Food Bank – Dashboard” – Click on the “Coupons” Link
    3. Here you will see All of your Available Coupons & Store Credits. I.e. Discount Coupons Received and Invalid/Used Coupons.

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