Curb Side Drop Off and Pickup During the Covid-19 Challenge!
10% of Your Labor Donated to the Kids of Kiwanis!

Curb Side Drop Off  | Remote Access Via Internet | Carry Into Our Office | Sanitized On Site Visits | Scheduled Appointments In Our Office

Hours M-F 9:00 am – 5:30 pm
Use Code – KIWANIS – To have 10% donated to the Kids at Kiwanis! 

We have setup curb side drop off in front of our big picture window in Carefree!   Here is how it works: 

  1. Bring your device to our office at 748 Easy Street in Carefree and place it on our welcome bench.
  2. Grab a wipe (provided) and sanitize your computer.
  3. Pick up your phone and call us and we will check you in right then.
  4. Depart –  As soon as you leave, we will bring your device in and start work.

If we have questions or when your device is complete, we will call you.  When your ready to pickup your device: 

  1. Call us and tell us you are on your way
  2. We will sanitize your device and place it back on our welcome bench in front of our window (where we will keep an eye on it).
  3. Pickup your device and pay On-line
  4. Enjoy the rest of your day!

Our Expert Technicians Are Waiting To Help You Through This Challenge.
Do Not Suffer With Technology Challenges!

Call Now 480-488-0773 or Contact Us

Covid-19 Curb Side Pick Up

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Curb Side Pick Up & Drop Off for Covid-19
Curb Side Drop Off for Covid-19